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TrueCaller - Get Details of Unknown Caller Before You Pick Their Call

Truecaller is a software and a web application back by a powerful huge database of phone numbers and their related information such as user name location photo and other important details. Truecaller is free and anyone can use it to track details of any mobile or landline number.

How can I use Truecaller?

If you have a smartphone with Android or iOS then you can download their free application from Google Play and iTunes store.

If you are a desktop user then you can just login to their website after login into Truecaller number tracker website you can just enter any mobile or landline number of any country. Then run a search against this number and you will get all the details that Truecaller have.

Advantages of Truecaller Number Search

Here are some of the advantages of TrueCaller Number Search -
  • You know the details of unknown caller before you can pick up the call. 
  • With Truecaller caller ID you can block spam and fraud calls on your mobile. You can also block telemarketing calls and text.
  • With Truecaller new features now you know when your friends are online and when they are free to pick up your call.

Features of Truecaller Number Tracker

Here are some features of TrueCaller number tracker -
  • Truecaller helps you search details of unknown caller and provides you the user name his location and photo with other important details such as email and profession (if available).
  • Truecaller is available for different platforms such as Android IOS and desktop. No matter what device you use you can have Truecaller on it.
  • The best thing Truecaller is free and anyone can use it. 

Can I remove my number from Truecaller database?

Yes of course if you don't want Truecaller to have your information you can just visit to Truecaller website and choose to opt out of Truecaller database and the system. Follow the following link to get your number removed from Truecaller system.

Remove Number From TrueCaller Here:

Conclusion and Final Words

Truecaller might seem to be a threat to your privacy but in my view the advantages are more than the disadvantages. This application can save you a ton of hassles if you can identify the caller even if they call from any number.

If you are not happy with Truecaller storing your phone number and information then you can always choose to not have your information on Truecaller database.

For more information on TrueCaller, read this article from - TrueCaller Number Tracker.


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